perp master diamond floor grinding disc for concrete

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Introduction of Husqvarna Grinding Shoes on diamond tools for concrete

Diamond tools for concrete perp master diamond floor grinding disc are designed with special swirl turbo segments which act as a turbofan for quick cooling of the working cup wheels. This will help prevent high temperature that will lead to short life and less aggressiveness of cup wheels.

Silver brazed abrasive cup grinding wheel for concrete 

Diamond tools for concrete is mainly for all types of concrete, include soft concrete, hard concrete and medium concrete, also include Stones grinding, leveling and polishing, such as Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, etc, which is normally used on handwork angle grinders.

1. Diamond tools for concrete is silver brazed
2. Designed for fast rough work
3. Excellent for stone surface processing
4. Diamond tools for concrete is used for manual grinding and polishing on surfaces of natural stone and artificial stone, also used for reconditioning and maintaining of decorative stones.
5. Diamond tools for concrete is used on all portable grinding machines and special reconditioning machines.

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