Inkjet Printer

  • Unique ink viscosity and liquid level detection technique guarantees the superior printing of high clarity, but also allows for the higher suitability to anti-mobility inkand yellow ink than like inkjet printers.
  • The dissectible nozzle completely overcomes nozzle cloggingthat has constantly existed in the industry, thus significantlyreducing the use cost of users.
  • Magnetically controlled non-contact high voltage switchsuccessfully prevents the machine malfunction caused by the poor contact after a long time of running.
  • Specially upgraded double electric eye triggered printing, variable database information transmission, round-trip jet printing and up to 50000 times repeat print technological function, enable the machine meet more application demands.
  • Transit and switch off of high voltage controlled by particular software completely avoid the hardware malfunction caused by all the switch design.
  • Small Character date Code dod easy jet inkjet printer 

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