Chiseling Machine

Introduction Of High Quality Chiseling Machine

Chiseling machines are often used in on-line concrete structures to chisel pour the next layer, Due to the special nature of various projects, hand-held and hand-pushed chiseling machines play an irreplaceable role in various engineering fields, therefore,during construction,we can choose suitable type of chiseling machine based on our actual needs.according to your actual needs choose suitable type of cutting machine.

 Application of Chiseling Machine 

1.Water-resistant chiseling on the beam surface(prefabricated beam)of high-speed railway

Concrete chiseling on bridge sides, bridge end face, beam sides and beam face.

2.Remove the floor coating, paint, all kinds of traffic marking line

3.Bridge surface waterproofing chiseling

4.Clean up mark line on airport road, tire braking traces on aircraft runway,etc. Re-obtain the rough surface with high coefficient of friction.

5.Surface treatment of cement asphalt pavement, highway bridge deck, bridge deck and epoxy wear-resistant ground.

6.Chiseling the surface of original old road to prepare for the slurry seal.

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