Wall Rendering Machine


1. Automatic wall rendering machine is the ideal equipment for residential buildings, office buildings etc.

2. It can plaster on cement wall, brick and concrete wall, hollow wall , light body brick, baking free brick wall etc.

3. The rendering material could be lime, cement mortar , foam mortar, gypsum etc.

4. The rendering thickness is no more than 3 cm and the height could be up to 5m.

5. It could be adjust different thickness to suit each operation.


1. the automatic rendering machine utilize the conveyor taking mortar forwardly and upwardly, the conveyor can take mortar or stop in any position by hand control. It can render to the roof by all direction.
2. It can make the machine installation fast and stable The hydraulic telescopic rod can make the machine installation in 10 seconds.
3. There are min-vibrators after the spatula, thus there is no need to worry about hollowing and adhesion.
4. The rendering machine can saving more than 20% raw material (cement& sand).
5. The capacity is as 15 professional plasterers.

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