Mine Drilling Machine


1,This drilling rig is suitable for drilling, exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration, drilling hole and other drilling engineering for high speed drilling machine.

2,The drilling are different according to the different selection of alloy, diamond and composite.

3,Can drill 2-9 grade of sandy clay and rock place.

4,Suitable for plain and mountain area use.

Main features:

1,Add the rig shifting slide path on the basis of ordinary drilling rig,which can improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

2,Have the oil pressure automatic feed mechanism,can improve the drilling efficiency,reduce the labor intensity of workers.

3,Using the ball card clamping mechanism to replace the chuck,the machine can be operated without stop,its easy to operate, safety and reliable.

4,Equipped with hole pressure gauge, easy to check the situation in the hole.

5,Compact structure, concentrated handle,small footprint, light weight, strong decomposition, and easy to move.

6,The hoist equipped with a cage, forming the structure of double-sided supporting star wheel to withstand strong impact.

7,The positioning of the four sets of bearings in the vertical shaft box ensures that the gyroscope is sufficiently rigid to deal with the complicated geological conditions such as the gravel layer and the pebble bed.

8,It adopts the national patent technology's taper clutch,which has the outstanding characteristics of large transmission torque,convenient operation and maintenance.

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